Recruitment Events

 We are so excited to welcome 47 New Members to Epsilon Gamma!  

Bid Day, Spring 2016

After the New Members received their bids inside of Memorial Gym, they anxiously ran out to Nameless Field and joined the rest of Epsilon Gamma. We celebrated with a Dinner at Trinity, which turned into a spontaneous dance party! 


 Description of Formal Recruitment Rounds 
Source: ISC website

Round Robbins
This round consists of visiting all 16 ISC chapters in a two day period. This round is an introduction to the Greek community, and it is designed to give each potential new member an idea of what makes each individual chapter special. 

Potential new members will return to a maximum of 11 chapters during this round. Each chapter will have the opportunity to share their philanthropy events and overall foundation efforts. Potential new members will see how they raise money for each organization, and they will also see what types of Charlottesville community service projects each chapter works on throughout the year. 

House Tours
During this round, potential new members can return to a maximum of 7 houses. Each chapter gives a tour of their beautiful houses. 

This is the final round of Formal Recruitment, where potential new members can visit up to three chapters. It is the most serious round, where the women of each chapter reveal what Greek life means to them and what it could mean to you.

    For more information, please refer to Virginia's Inter-Sorority Council website