Chapter History

Epsilon Gamma's Chapter History
In 1977, an ad appeared in the UVA school paper asking Delta Gamma legacies and others interested in forming a Delta Gamma group to meet at a certain time and place. One of the women who placed this ad was Evelyn Harrison. The idea for Delta Gamma was suggested by her roommate whose mother was a Delta Gamma.

Eighteen women met for the first time on April 6, 1977, and many meetings continued to take place. Eventually, the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Delta Gamma was founded on November 18, 1978.

The first president, Nancy Codispoti, said to the newly formed sisterhood, "Although we are very diverse, and few of us knew each other before we began forming, we have become very close very quickly, and have found many interests that are common to all of us. What is the neatest part is that we all have so much to offer each other. In our last meeting we discussed what we all would like to get out of a sorority and the answers were all practically identical: a sisterhood, a way to meet people; a way to get more involved in the school and the community, and a place where we can share our individuality with others."

History at Executive Offices   

At Executive Offices in Columbus, Ohio, there is a quilt with squares for every chapter. Elizabeth Needham Graham, the former Fraternity Rituals Chairman, proposed the idea of the Centinneal Quilt, and the rest is history! Every time a new chapter is established, the quilt gets bigger. The quilt to its entireity is a symbol of our far-reaching, expanding sisterhood. Epsilon Gamma's square, featuring an anchor and the Rotunda, is pictured.