Letter from Recruitment Chair


Letter from VP Membership, Amanda Garrett

Welcome to Delta Gamma at UVA’s website and thank you for your interest in our chapter! I hope that as you explore our website and get to know our history, philanthropy, events, and members, you notice the passion and love we feel in the bonds of Delta Gamma. DG is a diverse group of motivated, intelligent, fun-loving, and inspirational women who I have grown to know and love over the course of my membership.

On Bid Day 2016, my heart soared when I opened my bid card to realize I had been extended membership into Delta Gamma. The days following, I imagined what life as a DG would bring me, like a close group of girlfriends and fun college memories. But I quickly learned the incompleteness of my initial speculations.

I have undoubtedly met the women who will be there for me years from today as a result of our bond in Delta Gamma. But these sisters have given me so much more than superficial college memories. They challenge me everyday to be a better well-rounded individual. My sisters push me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things- without the influence and guidance from several older members I might have never applied or been accepted to the Human Biology distinguished major program where I have found my academic calling and future career path. During officer elections last year I was skeptical about applying for a Vice President position; however, my sisters showed me my strengths and alleviated my concerns. Now with their support I am honored to represent the Epsilon Gamma chapter throughout the Recruitment process. And of course, my sisters are always there for me when I need someone to talk to, someone to hug, or need some comedic relief from daily anxieties.

If you are considering participating in Formal Recruitment this spring, I highly recommend you do so. Greek life has so much to offer, including leadership opportunities, philanthropic engagement, academic support, and lifelong bonds of friendship. Not to mention it scales down the massive and oftentimes overwhelming University, to provide a close-knit group of students that share common values. My membership in Delta Gamma and in the larger Greek community has undoubtedly allowed me to make the most of my experience at UVA.

Those participating in Formal Recruitment, Delta Gamma can’t wait to meet you! Just remember throughout the process to stay calm, keep an open mind, and follow your heart. We are so excited to share our DG stories and allow you to experience Sweet Home Delta Gamma!

Best wishes and good luck throughout Recruitment!

Amanda Garrett
VP Membership, Epsilon Gamma Chapter 


Please send legacy and sponsorship forms to Director of Sponsorship, Eileen Wilkerson

Mailed forms should be sent to the following address:
138 Madison Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22903

E-mailed forms should be sent to the following email address:dgrecruitmentuva@gmail.com